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About us

Gllow Taiwanese Café is here to bring Taiwan right before your table and your doorsteps. We have inherited all original Asian and Thai cuisines, and we cook them for you. We serve our Glow Box exclusives like Pop Corn Chicken (crispy boneless chicken pieces with sweet and spicy powder), Teryaki Salmon (fresh fried salmon in teriyaki sauce) and Crispy Pork Ribs (marinated in special Taiwanese sauce). All comes with rice, side dishes and is served in a box. We recommend our Wok Stir Fried dishes such as Fried Koay Teow for vegetarians and Stir Fried Chicken Udon. Sip our flavorful noodles and soup. Order online or visit us at 29 Station St, Malvern VIC.


11 reviews


"I always enjoy the food at Gllow - fresh, honest thai food."